DPL Therapy System Testimonials & Red Light Therapy Reviews

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More Red Light Therapy reviews……

“I purchased the LED from you a couple of weeks ago. Also your products are great which i really appreciate because I’ve tried so many products over the years – only to be disappointed – but I’ve never felt disappointed with your products, which is amazing to me. This could be due to the fact that they’re more natural AND POWERFUL than most cosmetic products, I don’t know, I’m just happy that I’m not slathering on cancer causing chemicals everyday .I love trying new beauty products and am always hopeful I’ll find something great for my skin. I’ve always been under the impression that I had to spend a lot to get great results. . .usually I’m very disappointed because most products are full of chemicals and I’m ultimately paying for the packaging and name recognition than for a quality product. Louisa’s products are tried and true – by a professional who relies on her skin care regime to maintain her beauty and keep her in top form. I love that Louisa has done the research for me! She offers products that actually work for the best prices! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Louisa! I’m so happy with the results and will continue to follow your advice.All the best!”
Kathy, Iowa

“Louisa, I love the DPL Light Therapy  LED I purchased from you and the products are awesome too!! Like most ladies out there, have tried sooooo many products…great to FINALLY have beauty products that really work!! Thanks so much for your expertise! You are a doll!!”
Marsha C., Georgia

Hi Louisa!
“I just purchased the De Aging Solution a few days ago and in THREE days I see such a difference in my skin. My face seems tighter already and there definitely is a hydrating “glow”. My make up seems to go on flawlessly.
I have such allergies, and it seems everything I use causes itching and red patches. This product is NO problem.
I will let you know how it goes after more time has passed.
I also have been using the LED and I see at least a 50% difference in my upper arm skin. I pop it onto my inner arms while watching TV~ it is so easy. The loose skin at the elbow bend used to be a little dimpled and loose…I am almost ready to go sleeveless again!
Hmmm, I wonder if the De Aging Solution would work in that area as well?! They should sell it in VAT size :)
Lisa C. Los Angeles, CA.

“I can’t say enough good things about the DPL system. If I could give this product 10 stars I would! For the first month I religiously used it twice per day for 9 minutes as recommended and now I use it every other day. I know that it is really working because my skin tingles and glows and feels immediately rejuvenated after each treatment. I noticed after only 2-3 weeks of use my skin start to firm and the fine lines around my eyes starting to soften!!! I have also had people comment that my skin tone is much improved and vibrant. I love the system because it offers hands-free operation and is actually quite relaxing. Many thanks.”
Ginette B., Quebec

“Using the LED has changed my life. It has plumped up my face and evened out the color. I’ve noticed the fine lines and wrinkles are removed and it has helped lift my face. I still like to use it once a day.”

“I believe in this product 100%. My skin looks and feel plumper and more taut. I am never without it. I even travel with it. I love, it, love it, love it.”
M.S. Pennsylvania

“This LED system has been well worth the money. It really does what it says it will do. My wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes have tightened and improved. I am very happy and satisfied with the LED and it really helps.”

I have been using the LED for several months now and I love what it has done for the tone and texture of my skin. While researching LED’s also discovered testimonial that this unit could help with pain and healing. About a month after I started using the LED for my face, I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I decided after about a week of pain that I would experiment and try it on the bad ankle. I was absolutely amazed when the day after I gave the ankle 2 treatments, there was no pain. I have absolutely no further problems with the ankle.

“I have the system set up so I can use it daily. I’ve seen great results for my wrinkles and fine lines and have recently been using it for bruises and an old scar that I’m trying to lighten. And so far so good. I am real pleased with how well it works so having the system is really a plus.”

“I bought the system for blotchy skin, moles and wrinkles. My discoloration has cleared up. I see my moles and dark spots fading. Overall my face has really improved….I love this system!”
KP, Kansas

“I bought the system as an experiment for my rosacea and it really helped it. Anyone with rosacea or skin redness should try this system.”
ST, Illinois

“I have seen dramatic results from using this deep penetrating LED. I have rosacea and it helped that get under control. I get lots of compliments on my skin and how young I look. ….I am a senior and I’ve been asked on several occasions to show my ID because they didn’t think I was over 60. This was well worth the money.”

“I purchased the LED system specifically for adult acne and aging. I have seen such great results that I bought a system for my daughter. It is a phenomenal machine.”

“….The system is a big help in reducing the pain in my knee joints and in soothing leg cramps…. I’m especially grateful for the velcro strap that lets me tie the panels in place on my sore knees. The strap is very comfortable and secure and keeps the panels from sliding down or falling off while I sit or lie in bed.”


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