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How do you get stretch marks?

Over 80 millions Americans are confronted with stretch marks. Strechmarks are caused by the stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Many females experience additional weight gain. Additionally, the hormone Cortisone is also reported to have an adverse effect and may cause stretch marks.

It’s that the stretch marks result from the weakening of the elastic fibers of the skin from the Cortisone. Other reported symptoms of stretch marks include Cushing’s syndrome which is a hormone disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the blood. Genetic disorders have also been linked to pregnancy stretch marks.

Pregnancy stretch marks

stretch marks

Stretch Marks

When they occur in pregnancy, they are most common in the latter stages of pregnancy. Weight gain is not limited to adding substantial amounts of to the body. Weight lifters and children going through a growth spurt may notice stretch marks.

The following products have been successful in preventing stretch marks and to help fade the blue, red, or purplish color that many stretch marks exhibit.

Scar Gel is a top selling formulation containing extracts that can help fade blue, red, and purplish stretch marks. Scar Gel is superior to oil and is non-oily and non- greasy.

Another product called Stretch Mark Crème is a healing cream that can be safely worn during pregnancy. It contains oils, , collagen, elastin, , and glycolic acid to help smooth and diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Combining shea and cocoa butter with lemongrass essential oils can help tighten skin and help fade blue or purple-color stretch marks.

NOTE: Do not apply essential oils if pregnant. This recipe is for use after pregnancy only.

A topical stretch mark cream call StriVectin SD has been clinically proven to reduce the depth, length, texture, and uneven pigmentation associated with stretch marks. It stimulates collagen production which thickens and firms the skin.

Apply it three times a day for four to six weeks to see results. StriVectin SD can also be used on the face and around the eyes to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

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stretch marks

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